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Ulrich Böld was born in Munich, Germany and grew up in a beautiful medieval town, Donauworth, Germany.

At first Ulrich was educated business management and communicaton and worked in management until he decided to follow his inner call. 

Ulrich successfully completed his education as a holistic counselor and traditional Reiki-Master/Teacher in the Dr.Usui-System. Since then, he has given numerous reiki workshops, although he has dedicated most of his time to the studies of astrology, including the ‘Jeff Green School of Evolutionary Astrology’. In 1995 Ulrich became certified with excellence as one of the first Evolutionary Astrologers worldwide.

Immediately Ulrich was in high demand with his insightful consultations. He also started teaching his own synthesis of traditional and Evolutionary Astrology at the Paracelsus-Institute in Germany as well as at many professional workshop organizations in Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Canada and in the US.

Astrology, reincarnation, karma, dharma and life itself have been the subjects of his uncountable lectures, workshops, trainings and interviews in TV- and radio shows. His book on Evolutionary Astrology enriched many readers worldwide in their astrology studies.

Ulrich Bold living later in the United States began in 1999 to offer family therapeutic group workshops, called "Constellation Work" (Systemic Constellation Therapy) as one of the first in California. From there he spread his services of this amazingly effective healing throughout the US and Western Canada, offered education and trainings in Europe and Canada, enabling many facilitators certified by him to offer the magical healing of Constellation Work to uncountable people in need.

2005 Ulrich moved back to Germany where he continued offering his services of Constellation Work (Familienaufstellen), personal consultations and training programs in countless events and gained great reputation. 

2015 Ulrich again expanded his services due to his additional education and intense training in Taoism and Taoistic healing arts.

As a Divine Healing Hands practitioner and Calligraphy Soul Healer Ulrich offers additionally personal consultation for releasing personal blockages of soul, heart, mind and body, to ease and heal from painful dynamics and bring vitality, health, harmony, joy and new liberating perspectives. 


Ulrich practices Kriya Yoga (Lahiri Mahasaya) since 1995, a special form of Raja Yoga, which is  a powerful technique of breath and prana control to achieve complete stillness in the mind. He studied the Bhaghavad Gita, is devoted applicant of Byron Katie's amazing self-inquiry, "The Work", and applies the most miraculous self-study path of the "Course in Miracles", the absolute most amazing opus existing to undo errors and gain constant peace and happiness.


Even though Ulrich was truly blessed to have met many highly evolved and enlightened masters, he never felt to have found the right one.

Unexpectedly in 2016 Ulrich found / re-met his MASTER again Who wants to stay unrecognized to the world. since this blessed moment of greatest joy and coming 'hOMe' Ulrich devotes all his work, abilities and his life to His Divine Presence and Guidance. as a result of his devotion to his MASTER Ulrich finds himself enabled with even more strength to be of service in Europe, Asia and Northern America and  world wide via webinars.

 Ulrich Bold feels deeply devoted to the Divine Mother and thus to Mother Meera, one incarnation of the Divine Mother, who  gives Darshans in the castle of Schaumburg, close to Limburg, Germany.  www.mothermeera.com


Ulrich offers his services in workshops, web classes, trainings and personal consultations (phone/Skype) in Europe, Asia and Northern America - webinars and consultation world wide.. 

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