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Business Constellation

A Radical, Real-time Change Process that Embraces Chaos

This workshop will change the way you meet all the challenges in your life as a change agent both at the personal and organizational level. It can resolve issues as diverse as embracing your true purpose to transforming negative work environments into positive ones.

New approaches to making organizations more effective were once considered a luxury, but now constant, rapid re-creating of our firms is a matter of survival. Ulrich Bold's work not only tells us that we can do it, but that it will even be exciting and self-fulfilling.

The Origin Constellation is a transformational methodology that brings about fundamental change at the personal, group and organizational level in a matter of hours or days that would take years using traditional means. Origin Constellation Work finds its roots in the systemic family therapy work of Bert Hellinger, one of the most influential family theorists and leading edge psychotherapists in Europe today.

Originally designed as a modality to heal family systems, it has evolved and been developed by Ulrich Bold into a process that can address issues of career and organizational development.



The process involves 10-15 people who may or may not be acquainted and sitting in a circle and follows these steps:

1.A client volunteers who has the need to resolve an issue.

2.In front of the group, the client is interviewed by the facilitator to clarify the intention of resolution (what is the desired outcome?)

3.The facilitator selects the "roles" for the constellation with the client's approval. The "constellation" may be made up of individuals, feelings such as fear or trust, or issues such as finding our true purpose or new vocations.

4.The client selects the "players" for the roles (including someone to play him or her) and places them in the psychodrama "knowing field" (the group unconscious).

5.Once the players have been placed in their roles they are guided by the facilitator and begin to experience feelings and thoughts from within. No acting or role playing is involved. They say and do only what their innerselves/instincts, direct.

6.Through this method the obstacles to the desired outcome emerge and the facilitator guides the obstacles to resolution.

7.The final step is to bring the original client into the circle (knowing field) and allow him or her to experience the resolution.

8.The client experiences an immediate shift.


During the next days, weeks and months, the shifts in the client affect the system and change manifests itself. If the resolution had to do with a career shift, issues are clarified and the individual can act on them with confidence. If the resolution had to do with an organizational issue, the people involved begin to respond and act differently, thus making change possible. This is especially effective when issues of mistrust, fear or grief are the obstacles to movement.

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