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Since 1994, Ulrich teaching the Reiki-System by Dr. Usui

In his Reiki-Classes, Ulrich teaches and initiates in all 3 degrees of this authentic Reiki-System. His emphasis as Reiki-Master/Teacher is to enable the student to learn how to direct Reiki-Energy while being aware of how Reiki affects the physical, emotional and mental body. Therefore he teaches the energetic effect of Reiki for each organ and region of the body, and thus enabling the student to become very aware and responsible while ‘giving’ Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for ‘universal life energy’. Reiki is a holistic method of Energy-Treatment, which was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui at the beginning of the 19th Century. This ‘universal life energy’, Reiki is transmitted via the hands.

Reiki activates the natural healing-resources of the body. It stimulates the Yin- and Yang energies in the physical, emotional and mental body and creates a balance on these levels. It also accelerates the processes of personal growth in a simple and very natural way. In addition to that Reiki is a soft and harmonious way of deep relaxation and thus of recovery.

Reiki is an energy that smoothly balances stressed and tensioned areas in the physical, emotional and mental bodies, so that a state of harmony can be achieved. Reiki is a very high, energetic vibration of natural quality, that connects us with the living impulses of the origin of all being. Thus an easy access to our true nature starts to begin. Thus Reiki is a helpful way to embrace the own inner Nature, which brings us in a state of Balance, inner Harmony and Comprehension.

Reiki gives deep relaxation, inner strength, self-confidence, and increases and encourages the personal resources and capacities in a smooth and natural way.

Reiki can be learned by anybody. No special lifestyle, i.e. Meditation or Exercises is required or necessary.

Reiki has nothing to do with any religious connection, dogma or sect at all!

Reiki affects Body, Mind and Soul.
Reiki dissolves energetic blockages and enhances relaxation.
Reiki decreases Stress.
Reiki triggers the process of self-knowledge.
Reiki enables one to embrace the inner Nature and Love.
Reiki activates latent capacities and strengthens existing abilities.
Reiki activates inner Growth and increases the Intuition.

How does Reiki work?


Reiki-Energy is transmitted via the palm of the hands. Therefore the hands of a student become ‘initiated’ by a Reiki-Master. That means that in such an initiation the Reiki-Master re-activates the channels/connections of the palm-chakras and the crown-chakra with the outer layers of the aura of the student, that enables him to ‘channel’ Universal Life Energy/Reiki via his hands by putting his hands onto his own body or of someone else. The flow of the Reiki-Energy is perceived as warmth or heat, sometimes as a vibrating tingling. Because the one who ‘gives’ or ‘channels’ the Reiki-Energy operates more like a channel, he will feel as balanced and refreshed after a Reiki-Treatment as the one who received the Reiki.

There are 3 degrees of Reiki

In every Reiki-Workshop the participant will be attuned energetically (initiated) according to one of the three Reiki-Degrees.

The I. Reiki-Degree enables the student to transmit Reiki via physical contact with his hands. A workshop for the I. Reiki-Degree includes:

1.The classical positions for the hands used for a whole-body-treatment with Reiki.

2.Explanation of the physical, anatomic, psychosomatic and energetic meanings of the hand-positions.

3.The Reiki ‘Quick-Treatment’

4.The technique of ‘Reiki-Reloading’.

5.How to harmonize the Chakras with Reiki

6.How to combine Reiki with other Healing-techniques

7.Practical work and exercises with Reiki.

8.Initiation into the I. Degree of Reiki in four energetic steps.

The II. Reiki-Degree enables the student to transmit Reiki long distance, to give a Mental-Reiki-Treatment, to energetically contact the ‘Inner Child’, the ‘Higher Self’ and Places of Strength and Light. A workshop for the II. Reiki-Degree includes:

1.The three symbols of the II. Reiki-Degree

2.The meaning of these symbols

3.Practicing the ‘Intensify-Symbol’

4.Practicing the ‘Mental-Reiki-Treatment’

5.Practicing the ‘Long-Distance-Treatment’

6.Practicing the ‘Mental-Treatment’ for Organs

7.Contacting the ‘Inner Child’

8.Contacting the ‘Higher Self’

9.Finding and Contacting a Place of Strength and Light

10.Special Treatments for certain diseases

11.How to install a ‘Reiki-Shower’

12.How to energetically clean a room with Reiki

13.Responsibilities in working with the II. Degree

14.Supervision while a ‘Long-Distance-Treatment’

15.Initiation in the II. Reiki-Degree in 3 energetic steps.

Initiation into Reiki-Master and Initiation and Education into Reiki-Master/Teacher means that the student will be connected with the highest form of Reiki-Energy. For this degree a personal interview needs to be conducted, in order to train and prepare for this Initiation. If the Teacher-Degree is requested a one-year training and education will be done, designed especially for the student.

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