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Evolutionary astrology

Our soul´s natural journey

Evolutionary Astrology focuses on the soul's evolution and its core dynamics for one’s current life relative  to abilities, potential, fears and karmic issues coming from experiences of previous lifetimes. A holistic and deep understanding for the life you live now can be embraced through Evolutionary Astrology. It provides insights into "who you are" and "why you are the way you are" and helps you to find resolutions for your problems, as well as supporting you in your personal growth and natural orientations.

“Ulrich has shown tremendous abilities in astrology. His character is one of the utmost integrity and honesty, caring not only for the people but for the whole planet. Among the people I met all over the world very few can keep up with Ulrich’s humility and caring
Jeffrey W. Green

Whether you are a beginner in astrology, advanced or even perhaps a professional astrologer wanting to take a fresh look at astrology or at your birth chart, Evolutionary Astrology is for all those interested in voyaging into a deeper understanding of the Soul's Purpose. Evolutionary Astrology's primary focus is on the continuity of the Soul's journey, its natural potential and how to fearlessly actualize your abilities for your life to be in harmony with your Soul's evolutionary purpose.

Viewing the astrological birth horoscope can provide key insights into the dynamics of previous lives like the previous chapters of a book, enabling you to see your current life circumstances from a deeper point of view. This creates understanding and orientation to the current Life focus, such as personal challenges, behavioral patterns, relationship dynamics, professional direction, and health issues. Integrating the potential of previous incarnations into your present situation and evolution can lead you to untapped future potential.

In a lighthearted but profound way, Ulrich Bold teaches and counsels in Evolutionary Astrology. As one of the first Evolutionary Astrologers worldwide, over the years Ulrich has gained great professional experience in facilitating lectures, classes and also in offering consultations to his own synthesis of Traditional and Evolutionary Astrology. As a teacher for Evolutionary Astrology, Ulrich's ability to present complicated astrological, psychological, karmic and evolutionary patterns in a fresh and clear language is truly enriching for every student. His astrological consultations offer you guidance that allows you to use practical and non-judgmental ways of understanding and working with your Soul's deeper purpose and how to listen to your soul's natural language.

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To have your horoscope interpreted from a point of view of previous life dynamics will bring vital insights. You will get to see the deeper reasons for 'why you are the way you are' and where to orientate toward. Your current life and where you stand within it can now be seen from the bigger picture of where you come from and where you are heading. You will get to understand your natural values and potential and how they can support your abilities to manifest in their own unique way. You will get to understand your natural longings as the ones to follow. Thus you will establish your own mastership in your life growing into blossom of your Self.